New Year, New Post

Welcome to the year 2013!!

Will this be a big year for you?
Will there be loads of changes,
or will everything stay the same?
Whatever it will be...
I hope they will all be a good things.

My first week of the year was uneventful,
as in going back to work,
and doing a little shopping in the sale,
and YES, of course i got some polishes!!!

The Essence SnowJam limited edition polishes.
Essence 02 Lilac is my style
Essence 03 Life is a free ride
Essence 01 Goofy-blue
Essence 04 Top of the ice-stream

And some random polishes
from Essence, Yves Saint Laurent and Catrice.
Yes, the YSL one was DEFINITELY in the sale.
Essence 105 Party princess
Yves Saint Laurent 128 Noir indigo (a blackened purple)
Catrice 915 George Blueney

These were just some quick shots of them on my iPhone.
The instagram pictures @pppatience2012 do them a little bit more justice.

And BIG thanks to blogger Chiro, who had posted some Depend holo pics,
i managed to order my lemming Depend polishes.
I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting their arrival.
I have a friend in Sweden (who is nail-polish-oblivious),
who didn't manage to find them at all in the shops there,
so i AM extremely thankful to Chiro for getting me on the right track!!
Have i mentioned THANK YOU!?

While i sit here contemplating what colour to do my nails,
procrastinating on household duties, i wish you a colourful day.

Polish on!!


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