Nail Mail

This last month i have been waiting by the letterbox,
hungry for all the polish i was about to receive.
And receive i did!!
Warning, picture overload!

First off, i got my China Glaze's...

China Glaze - Virtual Violet, Electric Magenta and Hyper Haute

Then from Nihrida's blogsale i got these...

Cirque - Dark Horse, Sinful Colors - Kismet Elated, Ludurana - Azulle,
China Glaze - He's Going In Circles and FNUG - Fantastica

And then the mother-load came, it seemed like it took forever and a day!
Squeals were heard all around the building while i unpacked the box.

The MONSTER haul

Depend Holo's - 2025, 2026, 2028, 2029, 2030
2031, 2032, 2034, 2035 and 2036

Pupa - 030 Holographic Silver and
032 Holographic Emerald

OPI - Show It And Glow It and DS Coronation

Revlon Scented Polish - 375 Passion Fruit

Golden Rose - Matte 02 (red), Matte 11 (grey),
Paris Holographic color 117,
112, 109,  103 and Crystal color 16

Astor Fash'n Fruity Scent - Cherry

Flormar DuoChrome - DC04

Catherine Arley Holographics -
666, 668, 667, 670
672, 673, 676, 677
800, 804, 805 and 807

Also included in the order were 3 Catrice polishes and 1 Gabrini,
which i forgot to photograph in my Holographic excitement.
They are in the monster-haul picture, I will get them separately
on film and post them next time.

The other day when i brought these home,
Boyfriend said he would have preferred it to be shoes instead,
and THAT is saying something.

*hangs head in shame! but only for a moment!!*

Sally Hansen Hi-Definition -
05 Lite, 06 Digital, 01 Cyber, 02 Blu and 03 Pixel Pretty

Hope you enjoyed the post, swatches will follow as well as the pictures i owe ya.
In the meantime...

Polish on!!!



Posting on Instagram

I have to admit that i am a bit of a lazy blogger.
I've been so lazy this week
that i have been posting my swatches, on Instagram.
Now Instagram is not a new thing, albeit comparatively new to me.
Even newer to me is Twitter.
I can be found on both under the name pppatience2012.
Look me up, follow me, or not, your choice.

Here are the swatches i posted there.

Pieces Magnetic polish, short wave

Pieces Magnetic polish, long wave

OPI Skyfall Collection, You only live twice

H&M "Peacock set", Nude Dude

H&M "Peacock set", Golden Days

H&M "Peacock set", Purple Sparkle

H&M "Peacock set", Purple Potion

The Peacock set from H&M contains 6 colours,
the others will be posted soon.

Due to work i also busted some nails,
so i may not get round to do any swatching.
Hopefully i will get to show you my received polish orders!

Until my next post...
Polish on!!!



New Year, New Post

Welcome to the year 2013!!

Will this be a big year for you?
Will there be loads of changes,
or will everything stay the same?
Whatever it will be...
I hope they will all be a good things.

My first week of the year was uneventful,
as in going back to work,
and doing a little shopping in the sale,
and YES, of course i got some polishes!!!

The Essence SnowJam limited edition polishes.
Essence 02 Lilac is my style
Essence 03 Life is a free ride
Essence 01 Goofy-blue
Essence 04 Top of the ice-stream

And some random polishes
from Essence, Yves Saint Laurent and Catrice.
Yes, the YSL one was DEFINITELY in the sale.
Essence 105 Party princess
Yves Saint Laurent 128 Noir indigo (a blackened purple)
Catrice 915 George Blueney

These were just some quick shots of them on my iPhone.
The instagram pictures @pppatience2012 do them a little bit more justice.

And BIG thanks to blogger Chiro, who had posted some Depend holo pics,
i managed to order my lemming Depend polishes.
I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting their arrival.
I have a friend in Sweden (who is nail-polish-oblivious),
who didn't manage to find them at all in the shops there,
so i AM extremely thankful to Chiro for getting me on the right track!!
Have i mentioned THANK YOU!?

While i sit here contemplating what colour to do my nails,
procrastinating on household duties, i wish you a colourful day.

Polish on!!



New Years resolutions

New Years Resolutions...

Do i ever make them?
No, not really.

This time i am gonna make one.
Yep, only one.

I am gonna try and post again, on a regular basis.
Whether i succeed, i am not sure, but i kinda miss writing these little posts.
So much has been going on in the last couple months,
that just deserved a bit more of my attention.

So to wet your appetite a little,
here's a iPhone shot of some recently purchased eyeliners.



NYC Metallic eyeliner

864 liquid gold
865 silver light

Have a happy whatever it is you are celebrating.
And I'll see ya in the new year.



Still around

I AM still here, busy buying nailpolish and make-up and shoes and what not...

I did some travelling to Germany visiting a friend,
and well, he now knows more about polish than he EVER wanted to know in the first place!!!
I did a major haul...
I tired not to go to mental at KIKO's, i did sorta fail.

Pics WILL follow...

See ya later fellow polish freaks!!



Yes, as in the illustrious camera has been recovered...
It's been gone for over 2 months and i was feeling alone.
Some of my friends call me paparazzi (in the sweet kinda way),
as i take millions of pics of everything.
And well being with out my camera was like an arm missing.

Now where was it?
I recovered it between a stack of pants in my cupboard.
Now i have a lot of pants, but i tend to wear only a couple,
specially as i wear a uniform for work!
But well, rearranging some shelves and VOILA,
there it was!!!
How did it get there, i have NO idea!!!

My baby!! My Canon IXUS 100IS
i was especially bummed as it isn't being sold anymore.

So to make it even better, i got some pictures of the cutest polish bottles i have.
And, even better they are NEONS!!!

I got them online at Dutch Website.

The bottles contain 7 ml, 
unfortunately there is no name or number on the bottles.

I did use OPI Alpine Snow Matte as a base to make the colours really POP.
The white was done until opaque.
The pink and orange wear opaque in 2 layers, 
the green and yellow took 3 layers to become opaque.

LeMax colour star nail enamel. 
Picture taken outside.

Picture taken outside.

Picture taken inside, it wasn't dark just yet. 
Look at them POP!!

Picture taken inside with flash.
Look how the colours change!

The star bottles 
(yeah, i should've used a single colour backdrop, next time, i promise!!!)

Do you prefer 1 colour swatched per hand, 
or do you prefer the skittle swatch instead?

What polish are you wearing today?


Polish Challenge part 2

It's been a while since i posted, got 3 days of the nailpolish challenge for you.
I am kinda taking it easy on the polish, but i will do all days of the challenge. 
Here are day 3 to 6

Day 4 Green
Saffron London Cracking - Green

Day 5 Blue
Finger Paints - Add & Abstract
OPI - Turquoise Shatter

Day 6 Violet
Claire's matt - ... 

Other days coming up soon.
I got some new polishes in, that i ordered at Pretty Polish.
I am most excited about the Ozotic ones... DROOL!!!

Will show them soon...