Posting on Instagram

I have to admit that i am a bit of a lazy blogger.
I've been so lazy this week
that i have been posting my swatches, on Instagram.
Now Instagram is not a new thing, albeit comparatively new to me.
Even newer to me is Twitter.
I can be found on both under the name pppatience2012.
Look me up, follow me, or not, your choice.

Here are the swatches i posted there.

Pieces Magnetic polish, short wave

Pieces Magnetic polish, long wave

OPI Skyfall Collection, You only live twice

H&M "Peacock set", Nude Dude

H&M "Peacock set", Golden Days

H&M "Peacock set", Purple Sparkle

H&M "Peacock set", Purple Potion

The Peacock set from H&M contains 6 colours,
the others will be posted soon.

Due to work i also busted some nails,
so i may not get round to do any swatching.
Hopefully i will get to show you my received polish orders!

Until my next post...
Polish on!!!


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