New Years resolutions

New Years Resolutions...

Do i ever make them?
No, not really.

This time i am gonna make one.
Yep, only one.

I am gonna try and post again, on a regular basis.
Whether i succeed, i am not sure, but i kinda miss writing these little posts.
So much has been going on in the last couple months,
that just deserved a bit more of my attention.

So to wet your appetite a little,
here's a iPhone shot of some recently purchased eyeliners.



NYC Metallic eyeliner

864 liquid gold
865 silver light

Have a happy whatever it is you are celebrating.
And I'll see ya in the new year.



Still around

I AM still here, busy buying nailpolish and make-up and shoes and what not...

I did some travelling to Germany visiting a friend,
and well, he now knows more about polish than he EVER wanted to know in the first place!!!
I did a major haul...
I tired not to go to mental at KIKO's, i did sorta fail.

Pics WILL follow...

See ya later fellow polish freaks!!



Yes, as in the illustrious camera has been recovered...
It's been gone for over 2 months and i was feeling alone.
Some of my friends call me paparazzi (in the sweet kinda way),
as i take millions of pics of everything.
And well being with out my camera was like an arm missing.

Now where was it?
I recovered it between a stack of pants in my cupboard.
Now i have a lot of pants, but i tend to wear only a couple,
specially as i wear a uniform for work!
But well, rearranging some shelves and VOILA,
there it was!!!
How did it get there, i have NO idea!!!

My baby!! My Canon IXUS 100IS
i was especially bummed as it isn't being sold anymore.

So to make it even better, i got some pictures of the cutest polish bottles i have.
And, even better they are NEONS!!!

I got them online at Dutch Website.

The bottles contain 7 ml, 
unfortunately there is no name or number on the bottles.

I did use OPI Alpine Snow Matte as a base to make the colours really POP.
The white was done until opaque.
The pink and orange wear opaque in 2 layers, 
the green and yellow took 3 layers to become opaque.

LeMax colour star nail enamel. 
Picture taken outside.

Picture taken outside.

Picture taken inside, it wasn't dark just yet. 
Look at them POP!!

Picture taken inside with flash.
Look how the colours change!

The star bottles 
(yeah, i should've used a single colour backdrop, next time, i promise!!!)

Do you prefer 1 colour swatched per hand, 
or do you prefer the skittle swatch instead?

What polish are you wearing today?


Polish Challenge part 2

It's been a while since i posted, got 3 days of the nailpolish challenge for you.
I am kinda taking it easy on the polish, but i will do all days of the challenge. 
Here are day 3 to 6

Day 4 Green
Saffron London Cracking - Green

Day 5 Blue
Finger Paints - Add & Abstract
OPI - Turquoise Shatter

Day 6 Violet
Claire's matt - ... 

Other days coming up soon.
I got some new polishes in, that i ordered at Pretty Polish.
I am most excited about the Ozotic ones... DROOL!!!

Will show them soon...


Nailpolish Challenge

I saw this posted on another blog
(and i should have remembered which one, but i didn't, SORRY!!!)
I figured i might as well take a shot at it.

Day 1 to 10 Colours
Day 11 to 20 Patterns
Day 21 to 30 Inspired by ...
and Day 31 is optional...

  1. Red nails
  2. Orange nails
  3. Yellow nails
  4. Green nails
  5. Blue nails
  6. Violet nails
  7. Black and white nails
  8. Metallic nails
  9. Rainbow nails
  10. Gradient nails
  11. Polka dots
  12. Stripes
  13. Animal print
  14. Flowers
  15. Delicate print
  16. Tribal print
  17. Glitter
  18. Half moons
  19. Galaxies
  20. Water marbled
  21. A colour
  22. A song
  23. A movie
  24. A book
  25. Fashion
  26. A pattern
  27. Artwork
  28. A flag
  29. The supernatural
  30. A tutorial
  31. Recreate your favourite challenge
I am now on day 3
and i will show you my previous days...
Mind you still iPhone pics...
The camera i was coveting was not in stock at the shop.

Day 1 Red
NYX matte - Rose

Day 2 Orange
Impulss - 005

Day 3 Yellow
Rimmel 60 seconds - 450 Sunny Days

More days coming up.



Hmm, i just got myself onto bloglovin',
is that a good thing? I have NO IDEA.

I am happy to tell you i FINALLY received my order of nail-wheels,
so i have been busy swatching my "old" colours onto the wheels,
and add the new polishes i got...

Getting to the end... sorta.

While searching for my camera,
(which was unsuccessful GRRRRRRR)
i DID come across an ancient polish stash,
hidden away in an old box.

I got them out and was pleasantly surprised
to find that only 3 were all thick and gloopy,
but the rest was in perfect condition!!!

Yves Rocher, Manhattan, Body Shop and others.

Well, that's it for now...
I will be back soon, with a camera...

Have fun

Test for blogloving

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Nail Art and Lush

On Feb. 4th of 2011, i posted a picture of this nail-art on my facebook

OPI Obscurity
Essence Divaliscious

Yesterday i came across a similar nail-art manicure done in white, with coloured splotches.
So for today i have done up my nails like this...
Essence Ultimate Pink (08) (it is a real Barbiepink)
Gosh Holographic (549)

YES i know the picture is atrocious... 
*have replaced the picture today 22/5/12

It's a good thing i have a week off, 
I'll be hunting my camera down...

Then i got THE nail-thing to have from Lush.
THE Lemony Flutter.

And as my hands are in desperate need of some serious TLC, 
i also got the Give Me Five box from Lush as well. 

5 products for your hands, the box is a limited edition (for the Netherlands only?)

What's in the box.

What it looks like.

I also got 3 polishes today and some make-up, 
i will get some decent coloured shots of those in the next day or so...

What do you have on your nails today?


Work in Progress

I have 1 nail-wheel left, and still 7 containers to sample.
And my huge stash of mini OPI sets as well.
Needless to say i can't wait for 'my' TNT-guy to show up at my door,
to hand me my ordered wheels.

I did order them on eBay, just do a search for transparent nail-wheels,
if you are interested in getting them for yourself.

I took a picture while swatching my blues yesterday,
to give you an idea of HOW i am doing this.

As you can see there are a few blues out there.
I first sort the colours in the various hues.

Then i get a file-card and start with writing down the numbers 1-18
I then get the wheel, mark it on the back with the category,
and number it on the front (not yet done in this picture).

Work in progress.

I apply the polish in 3 layers, for every polish.
Between doing the layers i write down the brand,
and then the colour name and/or number.

Not the neatest handwriting, as this is just the draft. Polish is done in 3 layers.

So here i am, hoping that my remaining wheels come in soon.
This order took about 2 to 3 weeks from order to delivery. 
So i may have a week yet to go. 

Until now i have very few colours that are the same, 
apart from the 3 'dupes' of CHANEL's paradoxal.
I do have a lot of colours that are nearly the same, 
but then the hue or the finish is different.

Until next time...


More swatching

I've been swatching like crazy,
so far I've already made my way through 33 nail-wheels.
Each wheel has 18 nails.
But then again not all of them are completely filled yet.

Once i have swatched all of my polishes,
i WILL have to think up a new way to store them, and the wheels.
Cause i don't think THIS is the best way...

On the top shelf there is OPI, and newly acquired colours
then there is a total of 8 shelves with the little white containers.

For now all my polishes are sorted by colour,
but once i have them swatched, i am thinking by brand a colour will be easier to find.

I HAVE been eyeing all those nail-polish racks, sold at various places over the internet.
BUT where am i gonna put OVER 600 colours, out of reach of sunlight...
The side of the cabinet these are in, is not wide enough for ANY of the polish-racks that i have seen...
Make my own? I just may have to, or ehm start grinning at a friend to help me...
Whatever will happen, you will see.

What polish are you wearing today?

*and as you may have noticed, camera is still unfound.



I've been busy swatching all my colours on my nail-wheels,
and it is already painfully clear that i had NOT ordered enough nail-wheels the first time round.
I did have to order some new ones...
When this order comes in, i SHOULD have enough of them...
Please let me have enough of them then.


So where do i start?

With over 600 polishes where do i start?
Do i make a stash post first?
Do i tell you which polishes i have?
Do i pull up the pictures from my Facebook?

To start this off on a colourful note,
today i have received 3 outstanding orders,
1 order for nail-wheels (thank you eBay),
and 2 orders for polish.
Then i also bought polish when i was in town after work.
*Note to self "do NOT go shopping AFTER work"
But the result is, i now have an additional 22 bottles of polish.

Yep 22 it is, all the names WILL follow, don't worry.

I figure i might as well go look for my camera,
because even-though i love my iPhone,
the pictures are NOT really THAT good.

Then start swatching my polishes on the wheels
and then get back to you.

I guess that sounds as a good enough plan, for now.
To my stack of wheels i go.

The wheels, i got a lot of them...


Yes, i am doing this... Or am i?

Yesterday i made the fatal mistake of actually counting my nail-polish stash.
And well, after Nr 600 i could definitely conclude... 

I figured i might as well share them with the world 
(or the 2 people that will actually read this)
and blog about them.

So now on to figuring out how this works.