More swatching

I've been swatching like crazy,
so far I've already made my way through 33 nail-wheels.
Each wheel has 18 nails.
But then again not all of them are completely filled yet.

Once i have swatched all of my polishes,
i WILL have to think up a new way to store them, and the wheels.
Cause i don't think THIS is the best way...

On the top shelf there is OPI, and newly acquired colours
then there is a total of 8 shelves with the little white containers.

For now all my polishes are sorted by colour,
but once i have them swatched, i am thinking by brand a colour will be easier to find.

I HAVE been eyeing all those nail-polish racks, sold at various places over the internet.
BUT where am i gonna put OVER 600 colours, out of reach of sunlight...
The side of the cabinet these are in, is not wide enough for ANY of the polish-racks that i have seen...
Make my own? I just may have to, or ehm start grinning at a friend to help me...
Whatever will happen, you will see.

What polish are you wearing today?

*and as you may have noticed, camera is still unfound.

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