Work in Progress

I have 1 nail-wheel left, and still 7 containers to sample.
And my huge stash of mini OPI sets as well.
Needless to say i can't wait for 'my' TNT-guy to show up at my door,
to hand me my ordered wheels.

I did order them on eBay, just do a search for transparent nail-wheels,
if you are interested in getting them for yourself.

I took a picture while swatching my blues yesterday,
to give you an idea of HOW i am doing this.

As you can see there are a few blues out there.
I first sort the colours in the various hues.

Then i get a file-card and start with writing down the numbers 1-18
I then get the wheel, mark it on the back with the category,
and number it on the front (not yet done in this picture).

Work in progress.

I apply the polish in 3 layers, for every polish.
Between doing the layers i write down the brand,
and then the colour name and/or number.

Not the neatest handwriting, as this is just the draft. Polish is done in 3 layers.

So here i am, hoping that my remaining wheels come in soon.
This order took about 2 to 3 weeks from order to delivery. 
So i may have a week yet to go. 

Until now i have very few colours that are the same, 
apart from the 3 'dupes' of CHANEL's paradoxal.
I do have a lot of colours that are nearly the same, 
but then the hue or the finish is different.

Until next time...

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