So where do i start?

With over 600 polishes where do i start?
Do i make a stash post first?
Do i tell you which polishes i have?
Do i pull up the pictures from my Facebook?

To start this off on a colourful note,
today i have received 3 outstanding orders,
1 order for nail-wheels (thank you eBay),
and 2 orders for polish.
Then i also bought polish when i was in town after work.
*Note to self "do NOT go shopping AFTER work"
But the result is, i now have an additional 22 bottles of polish.

Yep 22 it is, all the names WILL follow, don't worry.

I figure i might as well go look for my camera,
because even-though i love my iPhone,
the pictures are NOT really THAT good.

Then start swatching my polishes on the wheels
and then get back to you.

I guess that sounds as a good enough plan, for now.
To my stack of wheels i go.

The wheels, i got a lot of them...

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